The Team


Matthew Hashiguchi:
Director/Producer/Project Creator

Matthew Hashiguchi is an award winning documentary filmmaker and an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University whose work focuses on the diverse cultural, social and ethnic stories of American society. His most recent films, People Aren’t All Bad and The Lower 9: A Story of Home, have screened in film festivals throughout the world and in May 2013, People Aren’t All Bad screened at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.

Matthew is currently in post-production for his latest documentary film, Good Luck Soup, which tells the post-World War II experience of his Japanese American family in the American Midwest. In addition, he is also developing Good Luck Soup Interactive, a web-based, community storytelling project on the victims of the Japanese American Internment Camps.



Russell Goldenberg:
Head Web Developer/Designer for Good Luck Soup Interactive

Russell Goldenberg is an interactive news developer at the Boston Globe where he creates data visualizations and interactive stories. He recently worked on the Peabody award-winning interactive documentary Hollow. He earned his MFA in Interactive Media from Emerson College and a BS/BA from Union College in Computer Science and Visual Arts.


Billy Wirasnik:
Project and Story Development/Sound Design for Good Luck Soup Interactive

Billy Wirasnik is an award winning sound designer and accomplished pitch percussionist based out of Boston, Massachusetts. His work has been heard in film festivals in Pakistan, Brazil and throughout the United States. He was the sound designer of the 2014 Peabody award winning interactive documentary Hollow. In 2010 he was a runner up in the Avid Sound Design competition and in 2009 the winner of Hollywood Edge’s Sound Design competition.

Billy is a passionate collector of sound – whether it be the sounds of the city, old records, synthesizers, forgotten electronics, or a windy hilltop. He adapts with each body of work by using a naturalist approach to design sound. Creatively reusing location audio as much as possible, he keeps the aural aesthetic of each project genuine. He is a strong advocate of the importance audio plays in storytelling and its role in the future of media.


Emily Ferrier:
Project and Story Development/Photographer for Good Luck Soup Interactive

Emily Ferrier is an information professional and researcher living in Boston, Massachusetts. Her interests lie in exploring how new media types and interactive media can help improve information literacy, reduce the technology infrastructure and knowledge gap in the United States and around the world, and help preserve cultural heritage materials in a way that also makes them accessible and enjoyable to the general public. She holds an undergraduate degree in history from Northeastern University with a minor in East Asian Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University.


Scott CHOPS Jung:
Music Composer

Scott “CHOPS” Jung is a music maker whose multi-instrument style helped his group Mountain Brothers become the first Asian American rap group signed to a major label. He’s since worked with many of rap’s biggest and most respected artists (Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Raekwon, Talib Kweli, E-40, Ice Cube, Snoop). His Strength in NUMBERS album featured over 30 talented Asian American rappers and singers. CHOPS’ music is heard in ads (Nike, Coca Cola, X Games), TV shows (Empire, Grey’s Anatomy, House of Lies, Breaking Bad, Law & Order: SVU, Parks and Recreation), and movies (Brown Sugar, House of Wax, Hurricane Season, Face, Ping Pong Playa). He credits the sports documentary 9-Man for reigniting his love of writing music to picture.